Support Groups, Clinics, Friends - find it here!

A safe and supportive environment where Whanganui Youth of all sexual and romantic orientations and genders can be included and respected.

The Women's Network Whangnaui provides personal support and information to empower women and their families. They aim to improve total wellbeing by giving women opportunities to value themselves, and to make better choices in their lives.

Women's Refuge Whanganui provide a safe house service, a 24/7 Crisisline, support, advice about Protection Orders and safety plans, public speaking as well as education sessions about intimate partner violence and its effects.

The Bromigoes is all about encouraging Whanganui men to talk about the things that are important, the things that matter. Tāne hauora, men's wellbeing is what they're all about.

NZ Family Planning can help with contraception, STI testing and treatment, cervical screening, pregnancy testing, abortion advice, PMS, menopause, HPV vaccinations, and advice for other sexual and reproductive health issues. People of any age, gender, sexual orientation or nationality are welcome at the clinic. Their services are confidential and non-judgemental.